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Joomla! 4.0 is here!

  • Noah Greenstone
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Today is a big day for Joomla!
Not only is it the 16th anniversary of the Joomla! project but today is the release of the long awaited Joomla! 4.0 and Joomla! 3.10.
Joomla! 4.0 is a huge step forward for the web development community, with truly superior features and functionality. It is a complete rebuild, not just a layer on top of an old version - which means it's lightning fast, and filled with all kinds of cool new features designed to make website building better than ever.
The upgrade path to Joomla! 4 is to update to Joomla! 3.10 first, and of course any additional components or extensions will also need to be compatible with the new version. If you have any questions about whether your website is compatible please get in touch with us on 1300-JOOMLA (in Australia).
We are very excited to be able to help our clients with the transition to Joomla! 4 and 3.10. If you are looking for the cutting edge in web technology, we are here to help! Please feel free to contact us for any info about upgrading to the latest version of Joomla!