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We are Joomlers

What's a Joomler? At Joomstore we don't just use Joomla, we are specialist in it. A "Joomler" is an affectionate name used within the community for dedicated Joomla advocates, volunteers and contributors.

Joomla has been our go to CMS since it's inception. Prior to that we used Mambo - the platform Joomla was forked from.

Every website in our portfolio is built on the Joomla Framework and CMS.

Joomla Development Services

Here's a sample of what we can do for you

Joomla template development

As part of most or our builds we provide a full design service and code the approved design into an interactive and fully responsive Joomla template. We also provide HTML to Joomla template conversion for agencies that may not have this capability in house. 

Full website development

This one is kind of a given. It is quicker and easier to build a website based on a CMS framework like Joomla than to build it in plain old HTML. Even our smallest single page websites are built using Joomla.

Custom components or web applications

Joomla has thousands of off-the-shelf extensions available. But, your functional requirements may be so unique that you require a bespoke solution. Joomstore can build an application to your specifications including backend and front end functionality.

Content migration or importing

Content entry is the most underestimated task in web development. A single page of content takes about 30 mins to set up properly. A site with hundreds of content items can be excessively time consuming to enter by hand.

This applies especially to application specific content like ecommerce products.

If your content already exists in a structured database or CSV document we can write an appropriate script to migrate it into Joomla.

Joomla template customisation

Joomla is an open source system and as such it has thousands of prebuilt templates available online. We are able to customise any existing templates as you need. 

In addition to native template code we also have extensive experience using the following Joomla frameworks:

  • Yootheme Pro and Warp templates
  • T3 framework
  • Gantry framework
  • Helix framework

Integration with external APIs

If an external service has an API we can make Joomla talk to it. It could be an accounting package like Zoho, contact management services like Salesforce or stock exchange price tickers.

There are many other services we've worked with before and have predeveloped code we can integrate into your site. Perhaps SMS notifications, Mailchimp newsletter or Bitcoin price feeds.

Talk to us about your requirements.

The importance of being a specialist

A note by John Pitchers. Co-founder and Lead developer


Have you ever opened an app on your computer or phone and taught yourself - probably by Google search - how to do a particular task because it was necessary at the time? Then a month later you've gone back to do it again and forgotten how?

Or perhaps you've been using an application for years, doing a certain task in a particular way only to discover there was a simpler, much easier method built in that you were unaware of?

This is the experience of most developers who DON'T specialise. And, it's the reason you should employ practitioners that specialise in the system you are using.

Here's the benefits we offer our clients: 

  • We know the possiblilities and limitations before we quote on a project. So, no surprises for you mid-project.
  • We can implement solutions faster and with less code. This makes your site's code easier to extend and maintain.
  • Exhaustive knowledge of the framework means quicker deployment.
  • Well established security and management procedures. We offer a guarantee that your site will not be compromised if we maintain it on our servers.
  • We have an intimate knowledge of 3rd party extensions and services. Why code something if a secure, well maintained implementation already exists?

Of course having a specialist knowledge in one area doesn't mean we don't have generalised skill sets necessary for full-stack web work. Like knowledge of hosting environments, MySQL database language, javascript frameworks etc.

Personally, I've specialised in Joomla since 2005 - well before co-founding Joomstore. It's been the best decision of my career. While other developers and studios have come and gone we've gone from strength to strength.

Hope to hear from you soon.

John Pitchers

John Pitchers

Seen enough...?

As you may have gathered already, we do some pretty serious stuff here at Joomstore. If you are as serious as we are, have a written brief and a genuine budget, please drop us a line.