Web Applications

Custom coding and Web App development

Much more than design - what does your audience need to do on your site? 

When we talk about web design we are generally talking about the "front-end" visuals. What isn't apparent when looking through our portfolio is the custom functionality added to most of the websites we've built. This is the difference between design and development.

How a website functions, it's usability and what it does for your customer is even more important than how it looks.

Whether that be developing new payment gateways, integrating an SMS alert system, a unique mapping system, modifications to an existing component or a completely new database driven application, this is what we do.

It's much more than just pretty pictures and if your audience and customers need something specific that is not available anywhere else - or something beyond just a 'brochure website', we can help.

A robust framework

Specialising in the Jooma CMS/Framework

Our platform of choice is the Joomla Framework. It is a highly modular, extendable Object Oriented codebase that uses a code structure called Model-View-Controller (MVC).

Most of the code required for tasks like interfacing with a database, managing users, access controls, categorisation and CMS functionality is already written and part of the of the framework.

For bigger projects we can quickly build an entire new component with backend and front end functionality.

This means we can quickly build what ever you need to meet your requirements.

The Joomla framework is also the foundation of the Joomla CMS. One of the worlds most popular open source content management systems.

Seen enough...?

As you may have gathered already, we do some pretty serious stuff here at Joomstore. If you are as serious as we are, have a written brief and a genuine budget, please drop us a line.