Security and Maintenance

The threat of hacking and sabotage is very real

Recent years has seen the emergence of professional, highly sophisticated hacking networks. The threat faced by website owners in the past was defacement of a site. Now the threat is the injection of malicious code, viruses and phishing scripts directed towards your users. Website owners are left oblivious to criminal activity taking place on their sites.

The vast majority of updates released for Joomla and third party extensions are security updates to combat the constant threat from hackers. Unfortunately the frequency of hacking attempts and malicious activity continues to grow, fuelled by apathy and complacency amongst many website owners.

Having a plan to keep your CMS and all 3rd party plugins up to date is vital in any web strategy and remains one of the best forms of protection.

Your site should be installed and configured according to the Joomla Administrator's Security Checklist and a backup and recorvery plan needs to be in place in case the unthinkable does happen. We can help you with this.

Your customer's privacy and data protection are your responsibility

It's standard practice to have a Privacy Policy in place to reassure your customers their personal information is kept safe. Under new Australian privacy laws in effect since 12 March 2014, you have an actual responsibility to ensure your data is stored securely.

Storing your customer's private information on an improperly secured website can leave you open to legal action and heavy fines if a hacker gains access.

According to The Attorney General's Office of Australia: 

"The Privacy Legislation Amendment (Enforcement and Other Measures) Bill 2022 increases the maximum penalties for serious or repeated privacy breaches from the current $2.22 million penalty to whichever is the greater of:

  • $50 million;
  • three times the value of any benefit obtained through the misuse of information; or
  • 30 per cent of a company's adjusted turnover in the relevant period...."

Joomla Security and Maintenance Plans

For just $479/month, Joomstore will keep your Joomla site PROTECTED and SECURE on our private server.

Enterprise Security Plan


  • Free hosting on Joomstore private servers
  • Daily database backup stored securely offline
  • Monthly full backup of file system and database stored securely offline
  • Free website security audit (valued at $379) at commencement of your plan
  • Implementation of a Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Include all tasks necessary to fully secure your site, as per the Joomla Administrator's Security Checklist, at the commencement of your plan
  • Actively monitor new releases and security updates for all installed plugins
  • Update all plugins as new releases are issued
  • Keep Joomla updated to the latest stable version
  • Priority response within 24 hours to service and maintenance requests
  • On call telephone support during business hours
  • One hour of production time for you to use as you wish for tasks such as general support, consultation, training or advice



On a tight budget?
We also offer a One-off Backup, Update & Testing Service for just $479.

Get in touch with us or ring 1300-JOOMLA to secure your site today.

Order a security audit of your site for only $479.

You will receive a comprehensive report on all issues and potential vulnerabilities on your website and server. This report in not a sales document. It is a list of all issues discovered during our investigation and will include a recommended course of action to address each point.