The Halo Effect

Check out this article by the ABC. "Internet users quick to judge". It outlines a theory that I have been an advocate of for quite some time. It's the theory that people indeed DO judge a book by it's cover.

It's your first impression

Your website may be the first point of contact that many potential customers have with you. If you want your visitor to stay you've got to do a lot to impress them in a very short period of time. In fact, a recent article on ABC News says we may have as little as 50 milliseconds to make that first impression.


It happened again today, I was contacted by a Joomla user who's site had been hacked...

Content Management?

After finishing another Content Management System, or CMS,  for a client, I decided to write this article to help people understand what a content management system actually is and describe exactly how useful one can be.

Making the right offer

Making the right offer... Isn’t the only purpose of any business to make money? Yes! So, if you have a polished, well designed website using all the latest technologies but it doesn’t generate any addition cash flow, is it an asset or a liability? The question is - Do you want your web presence to make you money or cost you money? It's all about the offer...