As consumers, the way we shop is changing. Fast. The internet has changed the way we make decisions about what we buy and where. The Zero Moment of Truth is about engaging with the customer during this research phase and it involves more than just putting up a website.

How to overcome the no.1 cause of web project delays.

The single most underestimated task and the number one cause of over runs when building a website will be writing and delivering the content. Most of that task will be the clients responsibility, unfortunately.

It's time to rethink shipping costs

Given that shipping costs are the number one cause of shopping cart abandonment, why do retailers continue to charge separately for it?

Need an update? Treat me like a child. Seriously.

We maintain many different types of websites across a diverse range of industries. So when requesting assistance, it's best to treat us like children. No need to be condescending, just be as specific as possible.

Hosting your site overseas could land you in hot water

Privacy Minister, Brendan O'Connor, has indicated the Federal Government will "crack down" on business storing digital information in countries which have lower privacy standards than Australia.

The 5 basic principles of web design

Despite what many think, there is more to effective web design than just moving stuff around and experimenting until it looks nice. There are rules, conventions and principles that need to be adhered to.