A message to our Maintenance Clients about site security

If you are a maintenance client of Joomstore you may have noticed we have applied 3 separate Joomla updates to your site over the past few weeks. 

Joomla released version 3.4.6 on December 14 to address a security vulnerability discovered in PHP. Hackers discovered a way to exploit this vulnerability in Joomla. The issue was further addressed by Joomla with patch 3.4.7 and then 3.4.8 on Christmas eve which we applied that day.

Mobilegeddon: 2015's biggest non-event (so far)

You may remember the hysteria a couple years back. The Aztec calendar was coming to its millennium-long conclusion on December 2012, planets were aligning, the world was going to end, they made a ridiculous movie, we were all… going… to die…

Then nothing happened. Oh, well.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

How much does a website cost in Australia in 2014?

In this post I am going to tell you exactly how much it costs to build a website. No, really. Before, you are done reading this you will know what it costs to build a website in Australia in 2014.

The difference between Microdata, Structured Data, Rich Snippets and Schema

Last week in my first article about Microdata I provided a brief introduction to the concept of Microdata and how it applies to a Joomla site. In discussion with other developers over the past week I'm surprised at how many people are unaware of this technology or just plain confused by it. 

Here's the Twitter card image fix for Joomla sites.

Twitter cards are awesome. When they are set up properly on your site Twitter can display a summary of your article, with an image, right there in the users stream when ever your content is shared. But, by default Twitter isn't able to show images from Joomla sites. It's a very easy fix.

Microdata. What is it? And how it applies to Joomla SEO

Welcome to the new world of SEO where search engines don't care about what keywords you stuff into your titles or how many backlinks you paid for through fiverr.com. If your not using Microdata yet, you soon will be. If you care about SEO, you don't have a choice.

10 years of Joomla!

It's hard to believe. This month marks 10 years since I uploaded my first Mambo website. Mambo forked into Joomla a year or so later in September of 2005. Here's a quick look back on 10 years in business building Joomla - and a few Mambo - websites.

Quick and easy Honeypot anti-spam for Breezing Forms

If you hate using Captcha on your forms as much as I do then try the Honeypot technique. It works wonders and is invisible to real people. This is how to set it up using Breezing Forms. And it only takes about 3 minutes.

Joomla Extensions. The good, the bad and the downright dangerous

One of the reasons for the success behind Joomla and Wordpress is they give website owners the ability to extend a website with Extensions. The Joomla Extension Directory (at the time of writing) contains 6,238 extensions. An incredible number of bolt-on features and functionality. However, it can be difficult to sort the good from the bad.