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Joomstore is a digital studio based in Western Australia. We’ve been designing and building websites since 1995. While many web developers have come and gone, we have gone from strength to strength.

Another web firm in a crowded market place?
Awww... Hell no!

Joomstore is Australia's most experienced and specialised Joomla CMS development house. Based in Western Australia, we have been delivering bespoke Joomla implementations and custom coded extensions since Joomla's first days.

Our specialty is Joomla but we aren't limited to just one platform. We also enjoy working with WordPress and can deliver solutions for either platform depending on what fits best.

Meet John Pitchers

John is recognised as a niche specialist in the Joomla CMS having worked with Joomla almost exclusively since it's inception in 2005. John has been building websites for businesses in Perth, and across Australia, since 2001.

He also maintains the FocalPoint mapping extension for Joomla and is launching a blog to inspire and teach new Joomla developers.

Meet Noah Greenstone

After starting and selling his own marketing agency in LA, Noah relocated to Australia and worked as both Project Manager and consultant for several agencies in Perth before co-founding Joomstore.

Noah is an SEO specialist and handles all Joomstore project management and client services.

Latest Blog Post

  • A message to our Maintenance Clients about site security
    Written by

    If you are a maintenance client of Joomstore you may have noticed we have applied 3 separate Joomla updates to your site over the past few weeks. 

    Joomla released version 3.4.6 on December 14 to address a security vulnerability discovered in PHP. Hackers discovered a way to exploit this vulnerability in Joomla. The issue was further addressed by Joomla with patch 3.4.7 and then 3.4.8 on Christmas eve which we applied that day.


Seen enough...?

As you may have gathered already, we do some pretty serious stuff here at Joomstore. If you are as serious as we are, have a written brief and a genuine budget, please drop us a line.