This is a personal website for Joomstore co-founder, John Pitchers. The company behind Joomstore is called Viperfish Media Pty Ltd. was the original website. has been the main company website for quite a few years now but this site has been maintained as a personal site.

The Design

Every incarnation of the Viperfish website has featured an actual viperfish in the design. It's never been as prominant as it is now but it's a fun design and not to be taken too seriously.


The home page features a lensflare effect we've never seen anywhere else on the web. John experimented with a lensflare on the Musicopolis site before expanding on it and incorporating the idea into the Viperfish home page.  It's built using JQuery and a javascript particle library. The site has been developed in Joomla (of course!).

The Outcome

Truly one of a kind. Have a look for yourself.


Seen enough...?


As you may have gathered already, we do some pretty serious stuff here at Joomstore. If you are as serious as we are, have a written brief and a genuine budget, please drop us a line.