OnthePunt is primarily a news and information site with the aim of helping punters gain an edge over bookmakers. This site features a modern blog style layout, multiple contributors, custom modules, banner ad management and custom plugins and modules to handle the display of results and odds

Functional Requirements

Visitors are looking for relevant betting information, results and odds. The following were requirements for the project

  • Easy management of ads
  • Custom content types with additional specific fields.
  • Comments via Disqus
  • Extensive module/news display requirements for the home page.

The Development

The GK News Show Pro module was used extensively in this development. We built most of the home page around it and templated it to match our design. It's a great module for presenting articles in many different ways - within tabs or sliders, multiple columns, varied thumbnail sizes, etc. It required a lot of templating and configuration to match our design but once set up it requires virtually no input from content creators. They can concentrate on creating content. The template and modules handle the display without any maintenance.

To handle the custom content functionality we implemented K2 with custom fields and built the display of the fields into our template.

The Joomla banner manager handled most of the advertising functionality with ease. Google Adsense and affiliate scripts can be entered into the administrator and output via modules. And, we designed a custom module for the colorful adblock you see on the right hand side. 

The Design

Generally site designs fall into certain categories. Like, news sites, blogs, portfolio sites and single page promotional sites to name a few. Each has certain conventions that we know work. OnThePunt is a niche news site and was designed with those conventions in mind.

  • 960 grid layout
  • Content left
  • Sidebar on the right.
  • Prominent advertising above the fold. (In general we totally disagree with the whole "above the fold" concept but in certain situations - like this - it still applies)
  • Modular layout with news articles grouped by topic, etc

Looking at other successful sites for inspiration, a brief was put together and the layout designed in photoshop. Then built in Joomla to match the design.

The Outcome

With thousands of visitors each month OnThePunt is serving it's owner and his customers very well. It's a great testament to the versatility of Joomla.

Seen enough...?


As you may have gathered already, we do some pretty serious stuff here at Joomstore. If you are as serious as we are, have a written brief and a genuine budget, please drop us a line.