Soroptimist International

Soroptimist International

Soroptimist International is a UN-funded non profit organisation that advocates for the health and welfare of women and girls around the world. SISWP has over 200 chapters in the South West Pacific region. In 2015 members of Soroptimist International South West Pacific have spent over $929,000 on over 500 projects which have directly benefited 22,000 women and girls..

Functional Requirements

  • Logged in members can view and edit their profiles.
  • Club Officers for each of the 200+ chapters can edit specific details of their club and their members only - maintaining privacy between each club..
  • Events and booking options that are easy for clubs to manage.
  • Automated Reports per chapter on member renewals, data, stats and more.
  • Members have a detailed matrix of access control levels that allows different functionality for each level.
  • Dynamically generated map of each chapter with links to their details and projects.

The Development

The SISWP website has a custom built component that was built to replace a legacy website that used a heavily customised pre-built directory for their membership and club management. The initial challenge was to be able to connect the disparate client and in-house systems to the online ordering system. In addition to a major visual overhaul, our chief task was to be able to rebuold the old functionality in a modern and user friendly way, without any real roadmap to follow becuse the old site was so broken and dysfunctional we had little understanding of what our clients were used to.

We built a website that was designed to wow their users, members and funding bodies, while at the same time making it easier to manage the required membership and club management details among their 200+ chapters.

The Process

SISWP is a very progressive orgnisation from a web developer's perspective and their desire to reach a new generation of cultirally aware women needed a look that would appeal to this demographic as well as enable easy access to the complex information available at the public, administrative, club and member level.

The Outcome

The new SISWP website is an attractive, intuitive, and highly functional tool for the organisation. From a PR and public information perspective it handles important tasks, but from an organisational perspective it allows management at local, national and international levels to process key functions all in one location. Being a Joomla site, in cooperation with SISWP HQ, we are constantly adding and expanding on this successful evolution in their web presence..

Seen enough...?


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