Foodwatch is the personal blog of nutritionist and celebrity, Catherine Saxelby. Since 2008, Joomstore have been helping Catherine maintain and upgrade her Joomla site through Joomla 1.0, 1.5, 2.5 and finally Joomla 3.3. 

Functional Requirements

The latest upgrade included a new design and some cool new functionality

  • Continuous scrolling.
  • Relaxed, fun design.
  • More items on the home page.
  • Prominent social media icons and sharing links.
  • Integration of Google Search into the design.

The Design

Life is less formal these days and Catherine wanted the Foodwatch design to reflect this more easy-going approach to life. We also looked at the way other news sites incorporated posts into their home pages and designed modular blocks of posts grouped by categories. And of course, social media links everywhere. An issue with the old site was an extensive list of categories hidden in a menu dropdown so we decided to move that into the main design.

The Development

The first task was to upgrade Joomla to version 3.3 and update all the extensions. The majority of work was involved in building the template and we successfully added some very cool features.

  • Continuous Scrolling. Catherine has written over 1000 articles for Foodwatch. At the end of the main block of content on the home page is a "Load More" button which uses ajax to load additional articles into the page. As the user scrolls the articles keep loading. It works tremendously well. No matter how hard we looked, we couldn't find another Joomla site that offered continuous scrolling. Is this a world first?
  • Google Search. Joomla has a good search function but it isn't Google. With this much content, it makes a lot of sense to use Google Site Search. We coded the functionaltiy and templated it to match the site design.
  • Sticky Menus. How many times do you scroll down a long page of content and are left with an empty side bar? Wouldn't it be good to stick a menu there that doesn't scroll away? Done!

The Outcome

The new site has enhanced functionality and a fun design that promotes browsing and makes it easier to find relevent. It has been very well received with many compliments posted on social media and in emails to the owner.

Seen enough...?


As you may have gathered already, we do some pretty serious stuff here at Joomstore. If you are as serious as we are, have a written brief and a genuine budget, please drop us a line.