True 2 Materials is a Singapore based start-up researching and  manufacturing microscopically thin materials from a compound called graphene. These revolutionary materials have a variety of commercial uses in the manufacturing and technology industries. T2M needed a simple site to purvey this to the visitor. 

Functional Requirements

  • A high impact single page design to promote the company to the academic and commercial industries.
  • Responsive across mobile devices
  • Knowledge base/FAQ

The Design

T2M is on the cutting edge of research and development of graphene and still developing it's initial product line. As such, they don't have a lot of content for the site yet. Spreading a small amount of information across multiple pages would just dilute the message. A single page, high impact layout was decided on as the best design path.

The company is focused on the development of microscopically thin materials. Our challenge was to represent that in the design without being boring or resorting to technical diagrams.

The Development

We use the word "simple" with caution here at Joomstore. Generally, when people describe a website as simple they are actually referring to it's usability. In our experience, it's often the "simple" websites that hide their complexity from users in very smart ways.

The True2Materials website, being mostly a single page design, is very simple to use. But, it would probably be quite boring without the awesome javascript effect in the header and footer. It took longer to develop and perfect that effect alone than it took to build some of the sites in this portfolio. I'm sure you will agree the finished product was well worth the time. 

The Outcome

If you haven't visited the site yet, then please do so now. It's fairly awesome.

Seen enough...?


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