Why you should trust your designer

At Joomstore, all we do all day long is design, build, monitor, tweak and modify our client's web assets. We do each of these tasks with one goal in mind - to help our clients make significant profit from their investment with us.

The design decisions we make are based on our training and years of experience. When we aren't working, we are thinking about, reading about and researching web usability and design. We read design and development blogs like Smashing Magazine and A List Apart. We follow usability experts like Jakob Nielsen, Steve Krug and Dan Ariely*.

Our message here is to please trust in the design decisions made by your designer. They are the professionals. That is why you employed them. Yes?

Freelance Freedom

Know that when a new mockup is presented that the position, size, colour and font of every element has been carefully considered in relation to the website goal, your business goals and user expectations.

Know that the alignment, margins and positioning of each item has been deliberately considered in relation to everything else.

Know that changing the color of buttons to magenta may not be in your best interests despite the fact it's your wife's favourite colour.

Know that using the Papyrus font because your friend's son - who is studying graphic design - thinks it's a cool font may not be a wise choice.

We know that users expect a certain experience. We know that buttons and links need to be styled in a particular way, we know that navigation, headers, footers, search boxes, contact forms, etc need to follow certain conventions. We understand the principles of colour, contrast, consistency, alignment and composition as they apply to the web. The fact of the matter is, if any of these elements cause your user to pause to figure out how to use your site then you've lost them. They are gone. Someone else gets the business.

Don't make me think

It doesn't matter if you are an artist or a financial corporation. A rock and roll band or educational institution. Your site needs to meet the expectation of your customers. As Steve Krug says in his famous book, "Don't Make Me Think".

Unfortunately, customers self sabotaging their own website with their untrained design preferences is a wide-spread, commonly recognised problem in the web design industry.


There are a few links to external sites on this page. If you only click one link, I highly recommend you visit Dan Ariely's site and purchase his book Predictably Irrational. It's not about web development or usability as such, but provides fantastic insight into how people think and make decisions. It will probably change the way you think about marketing for ever.

john-pitchers-avatar smAbout John Pitchers

John Pitchers is co-founder and lead developer at Joomstore where his primary role is the design and development of Joomla websites. He is also the developer of the FocalPoint maps extension for Joomla. John has been building CMS based web sites since 2004, originally working with Mambo before it forked into Joomla. When not writing PHP, Javascript or CSS you'll find John carving up the hills around Baldivis on his longboard (long before Walter Mitty made it famous).

Find out more about John on his About.me page and . Follow John on Twitter.

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