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There is a saying that goes something like "If you want to get something done, get somebody already busy to do it."

Busy-ness brings business.

Seems that busy-ness brings business and for this lone developer it's certainly true. About 4 years of freelancing has allowed me to build a large client base. Unfortunately, my service levels have suffered as I've been unable to answer every email, return every phone call, reset your password, update your contact details, perform that web update quickly, help you set up your email, etc. Projects have started to fall behind and I'm sure some clients have felt like they have been left in the dark a little. I've blogged about this issue in the past.

There comes a time in any growing business where you need to make a decision to either grow or stay as you are. So, my freelance business is about to grow into a mini agency. The new business name will be announced and a new site built in the next few weeks.

My partner, Noah Greenstone, is a Web Project Management expert and SEO guru. Noah specialises in scoping and documenting requirements and managing web projects smoothly from concept to completion. A well defined and managed project means a quicker turn around and less false assumptions (the mother of all web F#$% ups!) on both the client side and development side. Noah has managed projects for clients from startups to large multinationals like BHP Billiton, Virgin Japan and Pepsi.

He's also 5th Dan Jujutsu so make sure you send your content on time!!

Noah also specialises in search engine optimisation and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Our CRM solution is based on Sugar CE and can integrate with your Joomla site and improve your sales process and tracking tremendously.

We have already been working together on projects for about a year and turning out some tremendous quality work much quicker than anticipated.

So how will this affect you if you need a site built or redeveloped?

If you would like to discuss a new project please contact us here. It will still be myself doing the development work but Noah will handle the quoting and discuss all your requirements with you. He'll be able to translate your needs into technical requirements for me. I do what I do best, Noah does what he does best and you get a better job done quicker.

Look forward to hearing from you.

john-pitchers-avatar smAbout John Pitchers

John Pitchers is co-founder and lead developer at Joomstore where his primary role is the design and development of Joomla websites. He is also the developer of the FocalPoint maps extension for Joomla. John has been building CMS based web sites since 2004, originally working with Mambo before it forked into Joomla. When not writing PHP, Javascript or CSS you'll find John carving up the hills around Baldivis on his longboard (long before Walter Mitty made it famous).

Find out more about John on his page and . Follow John on Twitter.

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