Using Zoo2 with Joomla

Zoo2 extends Joomla's content management functionality. Zoo2 extends Joomla's content management functionality.

Last week we launched Universal Pumps for our very good client ADG Global Supply. The site was built using Joomla1.5 and Zoo2 from Yootheme.

Zoo 2 is becoming a standard inclusion on our Joomla sites. It seems that more and more clients need additional control over the content than what is offered by Joomla or indeed most Content Management Systems out of the box.

We've been using Zoo to build custom applications on many sites. It's used on Universal Pumps for the product catalogue. We've used it to create a recipe catalogue on, a course catalogue on, a blog for and the portfolio on

The templating system on Zoo2 takes a lot of getting used to. I hate to say it but I much preferred templating for the original Zoo. But once you get your head around how to use the elements, overrides and what not you'll find it very powerful.

No longer is Joomla content restricted to a big block of text and images with a portion defined as the intro text. Using Zoo in place of standard Joomla content articles we can now build anything from blogs to product catalogues with unlimited depth of categories. We can build real estate sites, movie databases, what ever.

There's been quite a gold rush in CCKs or Content Construction Kits available for Joomla over the past couple of years. We settled on Zoo - still got my eye on K2 mind you - because the back end is excellent.  Very simple - perhaps too simple from what some critics have said. But, our clients love it and that's all that matters.

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