How Original Skateboards increased sales by 40% overnight

After posting a video to Youtube and increasing sales by 40% overnight, this company now markets with "Youtube at it's core."

I recently bought myself a longboard skateboard for cruising around the parks and hills near our house with my kids. I hadn't skated for about 20 years and back then nothing as big as 40+ inches long. While doing my research into what style of board was best for riders my age, my weight and the type of riding I intended to do, the best place to look was Youtube. I spent hours watching professional reviews, marketing promos and endless home videos of people riding (and falling from) all sorts of different types of boards.

It was obvious there was a lot of competition amongst longboard manufacturers. One of the boards on my shortlist was manufactured by Original Skateboards. I came across this Youtube blog post all about the Original Skateboard company and it contained some interesting information on how Original used Youtube in their marketing to build a brand. sales increased roughly 40% from that night forward."

"With just 12 subscribers to our channel, we uploaded the video and promoted it through our MySpace and Facebook communities. We had no idea what to expect. The next day, we came into the office and found more sales orders than we had received in the previous week, including many orders from Europe and Australia."

"YouTube had provided us global reach, which drove more potential customers to the Original website. Our total sales increased roughly 40% from that night forward. Seeing the impact online video had on our sales, we began to build our business with YouTube at its core."

"We found when we produce relevant, high-quality content, one in four viewers will share that video with a friend. This viral word-of-mouth sharing greatly decreases our costs (when we pay for video advertising) and has enabled us to grow our business on a very limited budget."

We call it the Zero Moment of Truth.

Posting quality content to Youtube and increasing sales by 40%  doesn't surprise us. It's part of what's known as the Zero Moment of Truth.

Being online with quality content at the time when your customers are doing their research into what to buy and where from is a recipe for success. It's when customers are the most receptive to your marketing message. They are actually searching for your information. At this stage of the buying cycle, customers will often make purchasing decisions before getting to your store or online shop.

Youtube allows large companies and small businesses to promote themselves on a global scale. Producing video is cheaper than it has ever been and should be considered as part of every online marketing strategy.

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