From spark to roaring fire

From spark to roaring fire From spark to roaring fire


That's me coming up for breath. It's been over 3 months since the last post and what an awesome 3 months it has been.

A few months back - OMG! Make that a year ago - I announced that Viperfish was expanding. A couple of months later we (that's me and my business partner Noah Greenstone) registered a new business name here in Western Australia and started working as Joomstore.

The change meant that I was no longer going to be working as a freelancer. I could now concentrate on the parts of the business that I did best and let go of other tasks. The day to day contact with clients, the phone calls, emails, meetings. Lets not forget training and documentation - Oh, I luuurved documentation. NOT!

As a freelancer, you're in demand for the thing that you're good at. In my case that thing is developing websites with Joomla, building Joomla templates, modifying Joomla extensions, in fact almost anything Joomla. But flying solo means you better be good at the business of business. Before you can start working on the jobs you love, you got to win the jobs first. You got to talk to people, write proposals, document, project manage, set timelines, etc. Before you know it your 8 hours of productive work time each day has dwindled to about three.

That's where Noah now takes the reins.

Previously Noah was working as a Project Manager for a marketing and web agency here in Perth as well as managing SEO programmes. He used to outsource his web development work to me. It was a matter of a good project manager needing a good developer and a good developer needing a project manager.

So here we are a year after that initial announcement. Has it been a positive change?

Hell, YES!

We now have 2 contractors helping us in our daily operations to handle the amount of work. We are now working with bigger clients, putting together bigger websites, and offering more services like Search Engine Optimisation and content writing.

We've recently rolled out a new site for the Civil Aviation Authority, a huge information site for government and media and at the same time a membership/industry site for members of the CAA with a lot of features and functionality available behind the login.

We've totally redeveloped the site for Education and Training International, the international arm of the Western Australian Department of Training and Workforce Development.

Redeveloped the Women Lawyers Association of WA website, another large membership based site.

Currently we are building a site for the Aboriginal Health and Medical Research Council of NSW. The AHMRC is a peak body and voice of Aboriginal communities on Aboriginal health matters in NSW with over 60 member organisation. The site is looking awesome but not live yet.

That's some of our bigger clients but we do smaller stuff too like Spirit Doctors, Greater West Natural Therapies, Dark Selections, Excellence Security Training to name a few recent launches.

"Yeah. But so what?" I hear you say.

What does this mean for you, our awesome valuable clients? It means that we can spend more time working with you not just for you. It means we can spend more time talking with you about what you need? We can discuss possibilities and options, plan and document everything in much more clarity and detail. It means that we can immerse ourselves into the technical work of designing and building your Joomla site without the interruptions of daily business.

Training and documentation can be provided in a professional manner not just as an after thought.

We can deliver on time with minimal revisions.

Contact us

If you need a new website built or an old one redeveloped then contact us at Joomstore.  We specialise in website development using a content management system called Joomla - it makes updating your content very easy. Lately we've been doing a lot of Joomla 1.0 to Joomla 1.5 conversions. If you don't know what Joomla is that's OK, find out more here. It's awesome.

We'd love to hear from you.

john-pitchers-avatar smAbout John Pitchers

John Pitchers is co-founder and lead developer at Joomstore where his primary role is the design and development of Joomla websites. He is also the developer of the FocalPoint maps extension for Joomla. John has been building CMS based web sites since 2004, originally working with Mambo before it forked into Joomla. When not writing PHP, Javascript or CSS you'll find John carving up the hills around Baldivis on his longboard (long before Walter Mitty made it famous).

Find out more about John on his page and . Follow John on Twitter.

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